DIY Renovations You Should Avoid

DIY Home Renovations

It looks like so much fun on TV! All the do-it-yourself (DIY) home remodeling projects that save you a ton of money and give you such pride in your magnificent home renovations. There’s nothing you can’t do; you’re a DIY Weekend Warrior, after all!

Let’s pause for a deep breath and a bit of a reality check.

TV is TV, and real-life DIY projects can end up costing you much more than that ton of money you thought you were saving. While there are certainly some renovations that you won’t need a professional to do, there are some that simply scream, “professional, please!”

Regardless of your amazing skill set, sometimes you just need to call someone.

Renovations That Are Not Our DIY Friends

You are certainly free to attempt whatever renovations you want in your own home. But just because you can doesn’t mean that you should. Here are a few situations where you may want to consider calling in the professionals.

  1. Removing asbestos. This is not something that you want to try on your own. Asbestos is a major hazard to your health and its removal needs the expertise of professionals. If you’re renovating a home built before 1980, have a professional come perform a test for asbestos before you begin any renovations. If you’re planning to renovate a home with old floor tiles or laminate, with cement sheet, pipe cement or the roof shingles are original, get that asbestos test before proceeding.
  2. Bathroom remodel. You may have some skills that can go a long way in remodeling your bathroom(s). If there’s any part of the renovation that deals with things electrical in nature or part of the plumbing, you should give serious consideration to getting a professional. In these instances, you may run afoul of city codes or regulations. You can paint, replace a vanity mirror, retile the shower, even replace the shower stall or install new lighting? Think contractor.
  3. Kitchen renovations. Who doesn’t want a modern, open, functional kitchen? Nice island, gorgeous sink, tons of storage. Pulling up old linoleum and scraping popcorn ceilings yourself can help with the budget. When it comes time to install the new cooktop, to get the range hood in or to reconfigure the plumbing for the move of the dishwasher to the new island, give the professional contractor a call.
  4. Roofing upgrade. Let’s be honest here: this one should be a no-brainer. Removing an old roof can be dangerous (see no. 1 above) and it is a lot of very hard work. It is also work that’s above ground – possibly high above ground – and gravity works. A roof upgrade is expensive, for sure, but so is six months in traction. Professional contractor.
  5. Decking remodel or addition. Here you’ll need to make certain your area doesn’t require permits before you start working on a deck or adding one to your home. If you have the skills and the tools, and the local code enforcement office gives you the green light, go ahead and add a simple platform deck or even one that’s slightly elevated (provided you can get it level.) Stain it, paint it, put your favorite lounge chair on it. If, however, you need it more than four feet off the ground or on a steep slope, call in your contractor.

DIY Is Great, But…

Doing the work yourself to improve your home can save you money as well as help you get that feeling that you’ve “nested” and “made it your own.” But neither the money saved nor the immense pride in being able to say, “Yep, I did that!” is worth risking health, limb and the last of the savings to correct the DIY that went wrong.

In many renovations, remember that your local contractor is your friend. At Facundo Home Builders, we we specialize in design for all types of residential projects including renovations, so please contact us if you would like an estimate for remodeling your home.