Custom Built Home or Cookie Cutter Home – Your Choice

Are you looking for a custom built home in Houston? If you are, there are two types of home builders you can choose from. You can work with a production builder or a custom home builder. Which one should you choose? Your answers to the questions below will help you decide.

  1. Do You Want to Build Your Dream Home?

If you’re planning to build a home that will fit your family’s needs perfectly, a custom home builder in Houston will be your best choice. You can ensure the home meets your needs; for example, your home design could include:

  • A large mud room with places for the kids to put all their coats, boots and school bags
  • Quiet office space for a work-at-home business
  • A self-contained multi-generational living area for parents or grown children
  • A dining area that will seat your extended family
  • Customized kitchen cabinets
  • A soundproof media room

A production builder can offer a handful of home plans, which may or may not allow you to include all the features you’re dreaming of in your new home. In addition, you’ll have a limited selection of interior and exterior finishes to stay within the parameters the production builder has established for the neighborhood.

In other words, you may be able to choose the color of the countertops, but you may not be able to request marble rather than quartz. For the exterior, you may be able to choose the color of the siding and one of several exterior elevations, but you won’t be able to change the type of architecture used.

On the other hand, a custom built home will allow your vision to come to life. You will choose the architectural style for your home, floor plans and the type of finishes you prefer.

  1. Are You Flexible on the Location of Your Home?

If you are flexible, you may find a production builder who is developing an area that meets your needs. If you have specific ideas about where you want to live, the type of lot you want, or if you have a building lot already, you need to choose a custom builder who can build on the lot of your choice.

  1. Are You on a Tight Budget?

If your first requirement is staying within a tight budget, you’ll probably want to choose a production builder. Production builders can build less expensively because they are building a small number of floor plans over and over again. While they may be able to make small customizations, they aren’t changing the basic structure or architecture of the home.

A custom home builder is building one-of-a-kind homes. They don’t purchase large quantities of the same building materials for multiple homes of the same design and floor plan. Therefore, in most cases, a custom home will be more expensive to build per square foot.

  1. Do You Need to Move Quickly?

If you need to move very quickly, a production builder will be your best choice. You may even find that a production builder has homes that are already completed, meaning that you could move as soon as you close on a home.

Naturally, since a custom built home is built to your specifications, it will often take longer to build than a production home.

Final Thoughts

You’ll end up with a home whether you work with a production builder or a custom home builder in Houston. However, if you want personal service that will result in building the home of your dreams, a custom home builder is your best choice.